Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Writing Ideas - Where do they come from?

I have often wondered what would I do if I had no idea what to write next. Where would I get the idea to get the blank page in front of me to come alive with words?
Last weekend, I was in San Diego for the wedding of my niece. It was a great family event and both of my brothers were present. The bride certainly didn't take after my brother. Now there is an idea for writing a chapter on how the lovely bride didn't look like her father or mother.

The wedding took place on the beach. What a novel idea to place the events surrounding the next important event in your writing on the beach. The sun setting on the Pacific and the sound of waves crescendos as background for the dialog about the most important revelation or secret unraveled in your story. Manipulate your words to paint the sea, the sounds, the smell, the pelicans diving into the ocean to catch their supper. 

OK, so she doesn't look like me either !!!!

The day after the wedding, I went downtown to visit the USS Midway aircraft carrier. What a might fortress of American maritime and naval power. She is retired now, but just across the harbor another active duty carrier was undergoing an upgrade. The size of these vessels defy easy description.

Imagine the intrigue that could take place on such a large ship with clandestine meeting among the large crowd of people roaming all over the vessel. Perhaps a meeting of lovers to get away from some prying eyes could take place without anyone knowing about it. 

If you can't think of how to start the blank page you are staring at,  try "The sound of the ocean only added to the expectations of the people watching the beautiful young lady walk up the beach, not knowing that she 1) about to be married in the church across the road, 2) about to be murdered by the sniper in the steeple of the church across the road, 3) had snuck off from her husband to carry out a secret mission for her agency that he didn't know about.

Let your imagination flow as you write.
Ideas can come from anywhere but start with a simple sentence and see where it takes you.

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