Friday, September 11, 2015

Ideas for "Secret of the Icon"

What gave you the idea for Secret of the Icon?

This query has been asked of me many times recently. The answer is simple but simultaneously a little complex.

This was an enjoyable novel to write. The characters are engaging and the action moves very fast.
I write to get the reader to turn the page and to keep asking themselves, "What is going to happen next?"

If they do, I have succeeded. This is not posing as a literary work, but as an action packed adventure.
It is fun for me to write such a book and I try to make it fun for the reader to enjoy.

The idea of using an Icon materialized from a visit I made to Greece and there had the opportunity to go to the Holy Mountain, Mount Athos, in northern Greece. It is a monastic community that goes back over 900 years. No women are allowed to visit the place and it is under the Patriarch of Constantinople. In the churches on that mountain are some of the most precious paintings (icons) in all of Christendom.

The Icon of the Blessed Mother is 24 carat gold. There are hundreds of icons representing all aspects of the Christian religion and depictions of numerous saints. Some of these date from the Byzantine empire and the time of the Crusades as I point out in the novel. So, when I needed to have something to hide the Nazi secret bank accounts, I thought of using an Icon for the hiding place that made it to Rome during the Crusades.

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