Thursday, September 17, 2015

Everywhere You Look There are Creative Writing Ideas

     As glamorous as creative writing ideas sounds, they are nothing more than an idea for your writings. An idea or a prompt to get you going, could be virtually anything from a picture to a dream. If you think that the idea would be a great story then you have the prompt to get you writing.  You run the idea through your head like a movie preview. It gives you a taste of what you could achieve if you write the product.  This initiating impetus could be a single word or a collaboration of words, a picture, a song, a dream. Whatever it takes to get the story into your head and then onto the paper would be considered a creative writing idea or prompt.

     The need of finding creative writing ideas often stems from having the dreaded “writers block.” If coming up with your own ideas has become difficult, don’t worry. There a literally millions of them out there. You just need to find the right ones for you. Take the Internet for example. Do a search for creative writing ideas. You now have pages and pages of story starter’s right at your fingertips. You have many options available while searching. From one or two words starters to a brief outline of an idea they are available to you. There are many books available with nothing but lists of ideas just waiting to be turned into great stories from your mind.

     Go to a bookstore and read the first lines in twenty books in your genre. After each imagine where that story will eventually go. Your creative juices are now starting to flow. Ideas will naturally follow. Jot them down and start writing a paragraph. Keep it up and soon you will have broken through to starting your next scene, book, or series of articles. Happy Writing!


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